Odoo - EFRIS(URA) Intergration.

Kola Technologies has studied the EFRIS platform and built expertise in integrating Odoo Business Suite of Applications  to EFRIS. We offer our assurance that we can handle your integration while you concentrate on more pertinent business needs.

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Odoo Integration With URA EFRIS​.

URA has resolved that all VAT registered companies issue e-invoices or e-receipts for every business supply made (whether exempt or taxable) using the URA Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing System (EFRIS). And that every VAT credit, refund claim an Income tax deduction or expenditure shall not be granted unless such credit, refund claim, expenditure, or deduction is supported by an e-invoice or e-receipt provided the supplier of the goods or services is required to issue an e-receipt or e-invoice.

URA advises that companies can either manually process invoices and receipts through the URA Web portal – this would mean capturing invoices and receipts twice (both in the company’s accounting system and the URA system) or integrate the company’s accounting system to EFRIS.

EFRIS is an automated compliance system initiated by the URA as part of its Domestic Revenue Mobilisation Strategy which is intended to manage the issuance and centralised tracking of all invoices and receipts by business taxpayers in Uganda.